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Is MLM the right online business for you?

Let me first explain what Multi Level Marketing it not. It is not a Pyramid scheme. It is not some get rich quick scheme ( although many people would like to tell you that it is ). It is not some fly by the night scheme where companies jump into MLM and make a bunch of cash and jump out. It is not illegeal. It is not unethical. MLM is a glorified term for direct selling. In order for a company to be an MLM it has to have a solid, verified product or products that it can sell. Normally these products are consumable so they need to be purchased month after month. The better companies have better products and are typically leading edge innovators. Why MLM is attractive to many people is because of the infinite money you “can” make. In a traditional Business you have a manufacturer who sells the product to a wholesaler. The wholesaler then sells the product to a retailer. The retailer then sells the product to a consumer. The manufacturer takes their cut, the wholesaler takes their cut and the retailer takes their cut. For the manufacturer, the wholesaler and the retailer they all have huge overheads, they need to maintain factories / retail stores, they need to employ staff etc .. This means they need to place large markups on the products in order for them to not only meet their costs but to also make a profit, so a product that may have cost a few cents to make will end up being sold for many dollars. MLM only has the manufacturer and the consumer to deal with. This means the products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the consumer eliminating all the costs for the other two parties ( wholesaler and retailer ). Since this is a much better method of selling which means the products can be sold at a much more realistic price. The problem comes with the company not being able to find enough people to sell their products too. This is where the MLM opportunity originates from. The MLM opportunity offers great incentives for consumers to introduce other consumers to the products. This is the business side of the MLM. Typically when one consumer introduces the products to another consumer, the first consumer gets rewarded for this introduction. Then when the second person introduces another consumer to the products the second person gets rewarded and the first person also gets rewarded but normally at a smaller rate. This goes on infinitely so the massive advantage with MLM is the power of leverage. If you introduce the first consumer to the products and teach this person how to introduce another consumer to the products then the process has started and will continue on down the line. This is how people generate massive wealth in this industry but it is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

How to make money online with multi level marketing?

So many times we have seen as an industry people not really understanding Multi level Marketing, and because of that, truly do the industry a disservice by leaving the industry, and then saying bad things about it. True, charlatans are in every industry, but if they had only known and embraced the three secrets that I am going to cover, it might have ended up a different result. Who really knows? But there are Three Secrets that can make MLM a whole lot more likely to create a Success in your life than a failure. Ok....what are the three secrets? 1) You MUST Understand that it is about LEVERAGE. You have heard this before. But understand why leverage is so important: Leveraging time is the single greatest secret of the wealthy. They understand that if you leverage your time, you can then create an army doing the job that normally one person would do by himself, thus creating greater effort and results. In order to fully understand how to make money line, you must appreciate the importance of leveraging your time and income to create wealth. Yes, you must work very hard, but having 25 others working towards building your business as well as their business is the most powerful form of leverage there is. All corporations leverage other people's efforts, and then combine all the employees efforts to create a business! Multi Level marketing does the same thing. It allows you to build a team of distributors and then leverage their time and effort, and combined with yours, can potentially build a solid business. There is NO wealth of any kind if there is no leverage. You either are leveraging effort, time, money, or people. Multi level Marketing allows you to leverage all 4. 2) You MUST understand that it is about DUPLICATION. We all have heard this before many times: You must duplicate the MLM system! But what exactly do you duplicate in Multi level marketing? Simple. You duplicate online money making tasks, and then form them into a PROCESS that is step by step path to Success. You cannot duplicate personalities, we know that. But you CAN duplicate the tasks that are necessary to create the results that will form a Success in Multi level Marketing. The tasks you duplicate are prospecting, contacting, presenting, following up,and getting the decision. You also duplicate training, recruiting, building for events, and getting a new distributor started, among other tasks as well. 3) You MUST understand that it's about MULTIPLICATION. Get this Secret:  MLM duplication creates paychecks. Multiplication creates wealth in Multi level Marketing. What do you multiply? LEADERSHIP. You MUST multiply Leaders in your group, and they must multiply the duplication process, and results with their team. Multi level Marketing should be called "Multiplication marketing," as it truly is about MULTIPLICATION, not just duplication. That is why most people fail in Multi level Marketing. They focus on Duplication, but never Multiplication. You MUST Multiply Leaders and Leadership in your group. If you don't, your business will never create the Power within it that creates wealth. If you multiply Leadership in your group, and duplicate tasks and processes by leveraging your's and other people's time and effort, you will have discovered the True Secret of Success in Multi level Marketing.

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